Jace Mikottis

Obituary of Jace Joseph Mikottis

Jace Mikottis was born May 14, 1986 in the city of Placerville, CA. To Barbara and Jack (John) Mikottis. Jace is survived by his mother Barbara Mikottis and his four children, Ayden, Landon, Cayleb and Morgan. Jace loved the outdoors. One of his favorite things was his 4x4 crawler. He attended several events that supported breast cancer awareness. Anytime he could he was out looking for the biggest and best fishing hole around like all true fishermen. When he was not fishing, he could be found at a golf course weather it was frisbee or regular golf. He had a lot of remote-control things. One of his favorites was this boat. He loved it because if it flipped over out in the middle of a lake all he would have to do is push a button and it would flip back over saving him from having to go swimming for it. Jace loved Star Wars and had everyone of the movies made. He has so many video that he would say “Well if we lose our cable at least we will always have movies to watch”. Jace had a big heart. If you were lucky enough to have him as a friend or family, you knew that no matter what he was doing he was there for you. He is missed the most by his best friend Gizmo (his dog). Who lived every day to please Jace and Jace him…He will be missed by many. Jace Mikottis left this world and went on to heaven to be with his father, aunts, and uncles on January 14, 2022. Till we meet again, keep looking dear heart for that very special fishing hole.
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