Wisdom around the Bend There is a man whom I admire Who never failed to inquire About my dreams and aspirations Or my trials and tribulations He showed me the power of a firm handshake And made me feel as one of his namesake He watched as I matured from boyhood And imparted all the wisdom he could He congratulated me on my steps toward being a man I am eternally grateful for my friend named Stan Dr. Mertes as he has always been known Left seeds of success in me sown His guidance is in his experience Fascinating stories are his deliverance He lived a life of success to be admired Hearing of it has left me inspired To be a better man than I am today To find accomplishment and not stray From the path he paved with dedication To follow and exceed expectation Thank you for the time that we spend For I always know wisdom is around the bend I love you Dr. and Mrs. Mertes, Chris Archibald